About the Book

This is a book for anyone wanting to get started with ethical hacking or to solidify their knowledge of the fundamentals. It is based on real hacking scenarios that are provided by Hack The Box, a site that makes developing ethical hacking skills a fun and enjoyable experience.
I am Dr David Glance and I teach cybersecurity at the University of Western Australia. Apart from spending time on Hack The Box and writing books about it, I do consulting and research in cybersecurity.

Outline of the Book

  1. 1.
    Getting Started
  2. 2.
    Enumeration: Networks, SMB, DNS and Websites
  3. 3.
    Enumeration: Web Vulnerabilities
  4. 4.
    Initial Access: Shells and Remote Services
  5. 5.
    Initial Access: Custom Exploits
  6. 6.
    Initial Access: Social Engineering
  7. 7.
    Linux Enumeration and Privilege Escalation
  8. 8.
    Windows Enumeration and Privilege Escalation
  9. 9.
    Windows Active Directory Enumeration and Privilege Escalation
  10. 10.
    Defense Evasion
  11. 11.
    Command & Control and Persistence
PDF Version of the Book v1.0


Ethical Hacking With Hack The Box
DG Glance
Online: 2021
ISBN: 978-0-6452051-0-7